Andrea’s Adventurers
Charity RPG Weekend | June 2-4, 2023

Nine GMs and 30+ players got together to live stream three days of role-playing games dedicated to raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society!

We raised $3865.16!


Videos coming soon!

Day 1

Kick off the weekend with our opening ceremonies. We’ll do a territory acknowledgement, share some background behind Andrea’s Adventurers, and ways you can help out.

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium with Wingless Valkyrie
Players: Dextero Explosion, Peren, and Queen Mother

The sun glares off the ornithopter windshield as you crest over the immense stone wall that surrounds the city of Arrakeen. Before you stretches an ocean of sand, a vast desert that covers the entire planet of Arrakis. You have set off today to investigate reports that a group of spice smugglers might be operating in an area your House has a contract to harvest in. Find them & put a stop to their activities. However, spice smugglers can often have useful contacts, and on occasion, the loss of a little spice can be worth a new ally.

A Familiar Problem with Espen
Players: Bella, Bunny, Dilly, Jus, Taylor

Ohh adventurers, always biting off more than they can chew. It’s a familiar problem, as old as time itself. But who do adventurers call when they need help? Why, their Familiars of course! Join us for “A Familiar Problem: Kooky Karnival” as this ragtag bunch of Familiars are thrust into the spotlight to save their Adventurers, and maybe even the world.

Day 2

Day 2 Kickoff
Tune in with your morning cuppa as we welcome you to day two of our event.

D&D5e with DM Jordan/Hoshi
Players: Devin, Mike, Mystery Meat, and Pixl’dHero

Local town archeologist and vampire, Juniper Stillwater, has asked for help from the adventuring guild in their latest archeological endeavour. Having heard of the recently discovered Tomb of Baphomet, they have requested some muscle to provide assistance with moving any artifacts they find, as well as for potential protection. 

Pathfinder 2e with Queen Mother GM
Players: Allonté, Christa, Christoph, and Reuben

It’s a dragon, you and your party are hired by a locals to slay it. What more could there, a simply slay and pay. Come on, you’ve been adventuring long enough to know NOTHING goes as planned, and nothing is as easy as it seems. Yet the paycheck would be big, and your funds are low. What other choice do you have, and so far your luck has held.

DIE the RPG with Alex V.
Players: Bella, Bunny, Christa, Robyn, and Taylor

Do you remember the first Adventure DIE? You all used to play fantasy roleplaying games together as teenagers at school. Now, years down the line, you’re all back in town for a school reunion and have decided to get together to play a game for old time’s sake… but do you really remember what happened back then?

D&D5e with DM Chef Cargs
Players: Alex, Ayla, Jade, Lily, and Mintski

Last year, Christopher fell into a coma and was sent to stay at the hospital. Only 4 of his many toys were chosen by his family to go with him. As the toy guardians of Christopher gather information, they learn of a powerful Diviner who has grown to prominence in the Feywilds. They decide to travel there and ask them for a cure. With light and life draining from Christopher, it’s up to his favourite toys to traverse the Feywilds and bargain for some Hope before its too late!

Day 3

Day 3 Kickoff
Our last day to raise funds! Tune in as our Adventurers spin more tales.

D&D5e with GM Jojo
Players: Andrea, Blair, Bunny, and Taylor

Serpents on an Airship – Each of you has a very expensive ticket. Was it a gift? A reward? A purchase of your own?… Or did you simply happen it ‘find’ it? Regardless of where it came from, you are traveling with a collection of eccentric jetsetters in a beautiful and expensive luxury zeppelin from one shining city to another all the way across the continent… what could possibly go wrong?

D&D5e with DM Drew
Players: Christoffsen, Frozen Cardinal, jane00b, and Stitches

You ever think about how some museums are filled with valuable cultural artifacts? Artifacts that the culture they were stolen from might want back? Well you’re patron definitely did! Your crew has been hired for the ultimate Robinhood style museum heist to steal and return several objects of note to their homeland.

D&D 5e with Phee
Aaron, Alana, Ayman, Carl, Haley, and Rachel

A renown adventuring party from Freshtovia has recently succumbed to a sudden, overwhelming death following their return from a trip to the lower planes of the Deep Freeze. As others in Freshtovia suddenly begin to feel similar ill effects, Queen Pattie of the House of Burgh has tasked a small band of her own guard to travel back into the Deep Freeze to determine the source of the strange plague and to find a cure, before it’s too late.

Thank You!
Join Andrea and Blair as we wrap up the weekend and check our final fundraising total. Will Andrea cry? All signs point to yes.

Game Moderators

Alex V. (he/him)
Alex V fyi

Jordan/Hoshi Roman (he/she/him/her)
Agents of DAMNED

DM Chef Cargs (he/him)

Phee (she/her)

Drew McClain (He/Him)
Agents of DAMNED

Queen Mother (she/her)
Queen Mother GM


Wingless Valkyrie (he/him)

GM Jojo (she/her)
Jo the GM


Aaron (he/him)

Ayla Radies (she/her)

Christa (They/she)
Dork Tales

Dilly (she/her)

Pixl’dHero (she/her)

Alana (she/her)

Ayman (he/him)

Christina (she/her)
Agents of DAMNED

FrozenCardinal (they/she)

Lily K (she/her)

Rachel (she/her)

Alex (she/her)

Bella (she/her)

Christoffsen (he/him)

Haley (she/her)
Tripawd Press

Mike (he/him)

Reuben (he/him)
Diabolical Dungeoneer

Allonté (He/They)
Our Storied Insight

Blair (he/him)
Adventure Dice

Christoph (he/him)
Random Alien Games

Jade (she/her)
Jade Weekes Productions

Mint (they/them)

Robyn (she/they)

Andrea (she/her)
Adventure Dice

Bunny (she/her)
FireInc Designs

Devin (he/him)

jane00b (she/her)

Mystery Meat (he/him)

Taylor (he/they)

Ashie (she/her)
Ethereal Ashie

Carl (he/him)

Dextero Explosion (he/him)

Jeush (he/him)

Peren (he/him)