Andrea’s Adventurers
Charity RPG Weekend | October 14-16, 2023

Join us for three days of role-playing games dedicated to raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society!

We’ll be playing RPGs live on Twitch with the hope of raising $5,000. Your donations can have an influence on the games, so tune in for three days of adventures.

Let’s roll a nat20 to beat cancer.

How to Help

Donate to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Each donation grants in-game benefits for players and GMs including healing potions, inspiration, and natural 20s.

Get the Andrea’s Adventurers 2022 polyhedral dice set! Adventure Dice donates all profits from the sale of each set to charity.

Bid on some epic gamer goodies in our silent auction. All items donated from our wonderful sponsors.

Watch us live on the Plaid Dog Events Twitch October 14 to 16 for three days of RPG hijinks and storytelling.


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All times in Pacific.

Friday, October 14, 2022

4:30-5:00 pm | Welcome!
Kick off the weekend with our opening ceremonies. We’ll do a territory acknowledgement, share some background behind Andrea’s Adventurers, and ways you can help out.

5:00-9:00 pm | D&D5e with DM Dilly
Players: Bunny, Phee, and Tori

Ever wonder how those dungeons get reset for other adventurers coming through? Mr. Bonefred has your answer: the Goblin Siblings of the family Stone! Grandpa Lode Stone has left you some chores to do while mom and dad, Moon Stone and Rolling Stone, have gone for new supplies from town. Mr. Bonefred is here on behalf of a local wizard who supplies the dungeon with materials for the traps. How many can you reset?

9:00 pm-1:00 am | Vampire the Masquerade with Storyteller Ogrebeef
Players: Aubrey, Blair, Dee, and Roz

With an influential clan leader in torpor, a power vacuum has occurred among Kindred in the already turbulent Terminal City. With favours being currency, Neonate and Elder are cashing in to grab their piece of the pie; like carrion on a bloated corpse. However, when secrets are passed around like a crumpled up fiver, how long until someone learns something they never should have, and the entire city pays the price?

Saturday, October 15, 2022

8:30-9:00 am | Day 2 Kickoff
Tune in with your morning cuppa as we welcome you to day two of our event.

9:00 am-1:00 pm | D&D5e with DM Jordan/Hoshi
Players: Bree, Christina, Frozen Cardinal, Jon, and Rising Valkyrie

What was supposed to be just another night of revelry has turned dire. A mage from the Andrea’s Adventurers guild has been found dead in Wren’s Rest in the middle of a party. Now the owner, Wren Gaglardi, has erected a barrier around the building and no one is allowed to leave until the killer is found. The guild has been notified and they are conducting an investigation outside the tavern, but for those of you trapped inside, you need to find the killer before another murder occurs.

1:00-5:00 pm | Wanderhome with Tricia
Players: Alex V, Haley Boros, Jay Bird, and Phee

Guided by viewer donations, we will create and explore our peaceful, pastoral world live! Perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli and Redwall, Wanderhome is an animal-centric fantasy RPG that is ideal for players who love creation, party interaction, and crafting meaningful stories together.

5:00-9:00 pm | Pathfinder 2e with GM Queen Mother
Players: Andrea, Christa, Matt (tangible), and Roz

It’s fair day, and there are prizes to be had for some new local adventurers of skill and cunning. You and some like minded individuals were just about to make some easy money, when an overly friendly stranger throws the whole plan out, and throws you into a little bit of peril. Just do him a rather big favour, and he promises to have you back to the celebrations in no time. Fail, and well the consequences are sure to not be a small matter.

9:00 pm-1:00 am | Common Sense & Sensibility with Rachel
Players: Alex Rodriguez, Alex V, and Christa

Common Sense and Sensibility is a TTRPG where players take on the role of a Regency era lady trying to survive surprisingly hazardous rigours of her daily life. Not only survive but perhaps thrive, or solve a mystery, or thwart a dastardly French plot, or encounter an intelligence from the darkness between the stars, or even find a husband.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

8:30-9:00 am | Day 3 Kickoff
Our last day to raise funds! Tune in as our Adventurers spin more tales.

9:00 am-1:00 pm | D&D5e with DM Owen
Players: Amanda, Justin, Reubin, and Roz

Invited by a distant relative to a dinner, all is well until the local legend strikes! Now the party must determine who murdered, if the monsters are real, and maybe even where the family fortune is hidden.

1:00-5:00 pm | D&D5e with DM Drew
Players: Jessy Boros, Robin, Tickout, and Trazelta

Piracy isn’t all buckling swashes and ocean puns, it’s a rough business! Especially when you’re on the crew of the Party Crasher. The hours are long, the pay is only so-so, and worst of all you just found out your captain doesn’t even own the ship. He’s late on his payment so now you have to face the deadliest thing in the seven seas: repo men.

5:00-9:00 pm | D&D 5e with Torsten
Players: Ashie, Blair, Chris, and Pixl’dHero

“Greetings, brave Heroes of Fate & Fortune! I beseech the pleasure of thy company at my manse with the utmost of haste. Luyarnha and its people are suffering terrible circumstances that grow by the minute, and adventurous persons such as yourselves are needed to relieve us of the strange afflictions plaguing our city. In appreciation of your professional assistance—and discretion—in these sensitive matters, I pledge a reward of a thousand pieces of gold. Entry to our great city is regulated due to our current troubles, so you must tell the guards your purpose for admission is as merchants looking to purchase “peculiarly large beds,” and my agent will meet you. I look forward to speaking with you soon. May the light forever shine upon thee, T. R.”

A thousand pieces of gold is certainly a tempting offer, but is it worth taking a job without knowing the enemy? Is it worth being a hunter without knowing your prey?

9:00-9:30 pm | Thank You!
Join Andrea, Blair, and Dee as we wrap up the weekend and check our final fundraising total. Will Andrea cry? All signs point to yes.

Game Moderators

Dilly (she/her)

Rachel (she/her)
Roar Cat Reads

Drew McClain (He/Him)
Agents of DAMNED

Queen Mother (she/her)
Queen Mother GM

Jordan/Hoshi Roman (he/she/him/her)
Agents of DAMNED

Torsten Nogel (he/him)

Ogrebeef (he/him)
Ogre Plays Games

Tricia (she/her)
Roar Cat Reads

Owen (he/him)
Not Presently Deceased


Alex Rodriguez (he/him)
Two Weeks One Shot

Blair (he/him)
Adventure Dice

FrozenCardinal (they/she)

Matt / tangible (he/they)

Roz (she/her)

Alex V. (he/him)

Haley Boros (she/her)
Tripawd Press

Pixl’dHero (she/her)

Tickout (he/she/they)
Goblets and Gays

Amanda (she/her)
Diabolical Dungeoneer

Bunny (she/her)
FireInc Designs

Jay Bird (he/him)
Jay Bird

Phee (she/her)

Tori (she/her)

Andrea (she/her)
Adventure Dice

Chris Elder (he/him)

Jessy Boros (he/him)

Reubin (he/him)
Diabolical Dungeoneer

Trazelta (he/him)

Ashie (she/her)
Ethereal Ashie

Christa (they/she)

Rising Valkyrie (she/her)

Aubrey (she/her)
The Mad Queen

Christina (she/her)
Agents of DAMNE

Justin (he/him)
Four Corners of YEG

Robin (she/her)


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